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You can contact us for passport photos for all official documents

  • Passport photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm: Belgian ID card, Kids ID, travel pass, driving license according to ICAO standards
  • Passport photo 5 x 5 cm: visa USA, India and Japan
  • Passport photo 4 x 6 cm: visa Vietnam
  • Passport photo 5 x 7 cm: visa Canada
  • Pasfoto 3,3 x 4,8cm: visum China

All passport photos are made according to current standards.

We also take passport photos at home, retirement home, hospital ... by appointment on 09/222 10 64 

Belgische ID Verblijfsvergunning Kids-ID ICAO Amerika/India Vietnam Pasfoto aan huis ziekenhuis rusthuis China